Validic Cordova Plugins

## Requirements - Cordova 6.3 and above. - Specific supported phones, peripherals, and operating system versions are documented as part of the native libraries.


Several plugins have custom installation instructions that affect the bahavior of the plugin. These installation instructions can be found in the README file of each plugin or at the validic documentation site.


The Validic Cordova SDK contains cordova wrappers for the Validic Mobile iOS and Android SDKs. Depending on your distribution you will have access to several Validic Cordova Integrations

  • validic-cordova-session - Validic User Session integration
  • validic-cordova-ble - Validic Bluetooth Low Energy integration
  • validic-cordova-healthkit - Validic Healthkit integration
  • validic-cordova-shealth - Validic Samsung Health integration
  • validic-cordova-ocr - Validic Vitalsnap integration
  • validic-cordova-googlefit - Validic Google Fit integration


The Full distribution includes all of the Validic Cordova SDK wrappers and includes several sample apps demonstrating how to use the plugins


The Aggregator distribution includes the following plugins and a single minimal example app

  • validic-cordova-session
  • validic-cordova-healthkit
  • validic-cordova-shealth
  • validic-cordova-googlefit

Adding plugin to Cordova project

Creating a Cordova project using the cordova npm package involves the following steps. Additional Cordova commands and options are available. Consult Cordova documentation for additional information.

  1. Install Cordova.
  2. Create Cordova project. cordova create <path> [id name]. id and name are optional. Additional Cordova options are available and can be found using cordova -h
  3. Change directory to the root of the newly created project cd <path>
  4. Add the desired platforms to the project, cordova platform add [ios | android] --save
  5. Add the ValidicMobile plugin to the cordova project, cordova plugin add <path to unzipped plugin> --save.

Upgrading plugin

To upgrade the plugin to a new version, the old version of the plugin should be removed and the new version added. If upgrading from version `<=1.11.0 Please see the migration guide

-cordova plugin remove <plugin id> -cordova plugin add <path_to_plugin>

Provisioning a User

The Validic Mobile library requires a Validic user. A Validic user can be provisioned using the Validic API. The library requires a Validic user ID, user access token and organization ID. It is recommended to provision the user on your server, the mobile app could then authenticate to the server and retrieve the Validic credentials.

Record types

The Validic Mobile library supports the following record types:

  • Biometrics - comprised of a user's biometric health data such as blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, and blood and hormone levels.
  • Diabetes - comprised of a user's blood glucose and hormone levels related to diabetes treatment and management.
  • Fitness - comprised of a user's activities that are undertaken with the express purpose of exercising. These activities have a defined duration (time, distance, elevation, etc.)
  • Nutrition - comprised of a user's activities related to calorie intake and consumption and nutritional information (such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, sodium, etc.)
  • Routine - comprised of a user's activities that occur regularly throughout the day, without the specific goal of exercise, for example calories burned and consumed, steps taken, stairs climbed. These activities are aggregated throughout the day.
  • Sleep - comprised of a user's measurements related to the length of time spent in various sleep cycles, as well as number of times awakened during the night.
  • Weight - comprised of a user's weight and body mass.